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How To Secure The Router And Network

Security is most essential nowadays. For internet, it's most important to maintain it. In this article, we discuss how to secure our connection or router from the hackers or others. There are many actions are taken to protect your device. Let we discuss these point. A router is a nothing it's just a small box that connects with multiple systems of the computer and joins with the same network of the system.

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Some basic problems or actions are:-

Avoid using router supplied by ISP:- it’s a less secure router than the others. It had a high coded remote which can’t change easily it is realized by the router manufactures. 

Change your admin password:-  many users and admins don't change their default password which can be hacked by the hacker or if anyone knew that password that can be used it os change it while using it. 

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Manage the router from the outside of LAN:- to manage the route it is not important to manage it. If it is managing by remote than change it to the VPN network connection, which is secure and safe to use it also use in Asus router customer support
Manage your IP router:- when you use the router make sure that IP address should be unique and should know it and its use a pool address of the IP router. 

  • Clean your browser cookies and in-browser never allow saving the username or password of the route. Always clean it, if you enter this thing then use an incognito window which acts as a private window. 

  • Change the LAN IP address if it is possible to change it.its serve as a private network.protect against through the hacked. 

  • Always select the complex password for your wi-fi that is no one can cache it and think about it. 

  • Set the wi-fi protected setup to the system. 

  • Keep the router firmware up-to-date. 

More difficult things are-: 

  • Make a unique identifier of your IP address 

  • Custom firmware must be secure than others:- there are many firmware servers is available on the home network. Which you must protect it through the hacker and others also.  

  • Make your VPN that it virtual private network should be private from others. It can be controlled through the smartphones apps and more information about router D-Link Customer Service